Allergy to boys and affections

These days pass at snail’s pace to me.

I live in my landlord’s home with only her husband.

I got overwhelmed by his kindness to me.

And deep down I hate that.

I ran away

Not because I like that guy or something

Just because I hate him

And I am afraid he likes me

And most importantly, I like my so-called sister so much.

Maybe I am just overthinking.

I consulted two best friends of mine (Yeah, I do have best friends)

One told me to lie

One told me to tell the truth

I did agree with the latter

It’s simple

I can’t live with lies

Poor me

I was the one pushing me in this paradoxical situation

And my sis is sensitive, thank god

I did answer her truthfully

No regret

Hope she does not overthink

Hope her family stays as happy as ever

Hope I will no longer needs to worry about trivial stuff

And instead focus on my beloved club

And my study

Yeah I do love studying, a lot


There’s no harm in truth right

A white lie may not make it out of my mouth

Too bad

But when I have to choose between being right and being kind

I will choose to be kind

Live with dignity

And I’ll be right, as someone put it


God bless you, sis!


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