wThese two days are really strange to me

So yesterday two girls approached me to talk about philosophy and something related to God. I didn’t really buy that but was really curious at their enthusiasm to come over. I meant to try but my new so-called “family members” stopped me.

So I have been moving here for more than 1 week and things can’t be better I think.

I can’t say thank enough to them and would really do my best do be worthy of that treatment.

Another random thing today is that I found out about this Youtube channel that show how wrongly I’ve pronounced English words, like seriously.

I am in love with his accent and really wanted to imitate that, and it was really easy.

I thought of giving up FSLC.

Then fate still drove me here to then become a tutor for an English class.

And while browsing the internet the whole evening in search of teaching materials, I found really good resources then stumbled upon this channel.

Is it fate? Or am I just lucky?

So the girl did not really convince me about the visibility of God no matter what, and I just feel pity for her. Luckily I would not be one of them, thank God! I am getting to be scared of this troublesome society. But at the end of the day, being kind is still my life motto. Live boldly then good things will come naturally, or at least you are happy with the present, that’s enough.

And my progress with Japanese on Memrise can’t be better also, even though coding skill is somewhat rusty but I think I am reading more books to master the fundamentals first. Good chat with my cousin and best friend motivates me everyday. Definitely coding is the way to code.

Okay, I was going astray again. Here’s that channel back for you guys.

What a life-changing experience actually. I will definitely use it for my club and my students also, thanks sir. You got a big fan from now on <3!

I am stressed out over my club also because members are not quite cooperative. I am reading HBR about emotional intelligence but that’s not quite applicable anyway.

I remember the quote “When you are about to give up, think about why you started”. No I won’t, merely because some of my team and I have been devoting so much time and efforts into it. Booklets even have been printed. How can I give up?

Well, I have just done so to digital race. Just not my main focus now really, and too busy for it. Later on I will consider. My team did not even see my message even. So…? I don’t know what else to say other than “Sorry”

Just do my best, at least I am happy about myself. Isn’t that enough?

Or the cheerful faces of angel on heaven as the girl said? What’s the meaning of that when I don’t have my family with me. Life is full of tears and joy, which makes the spice of life.

Love yourself and I love my team also, can’t you guys love me a little more?



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