Sad and not sure why?

Getting sad again

Being kicked out of Eloquence? Maybe

I want to show Ms Dung that I have done something significant and then, still failed.

Book reviews and now, public speaking. I am failing, unstoppably.

I have read enough about failure, and if I am not failing, I am learning nothing. Well, time to be strong, not complain or something girl.

No, I am not. WEll, I am still sad, and don’t know why.

Nice! Congratulations to my best friend, Minh. I wish your confidence.

Okay, so I am out of my Dormitory after 10.30pm and got caught with Ms Bao.

I tried to run for fear of paying money.

But we got caught anyway.

And suddenly I burst into tears, like a child, uncontrollably.

Then we were free, nice shot! I did not even try to plead with the teacher. Too tired for that.

Funny me!

Anyway, I did try my best.

Silly me!

The thing is, I have just listened to a story about forgiving in love from an Aquarius, so stubborn and crazy in love with someone to whom she is just an alternative. But were I in her shoes, would I do the same?

Being a leader for selling stuff is troublesome enough for me.

People are never easy to manage, especially for someone so weak as me.

I did try to be a nice person, to encourage my pessimistic friend.

And what did I do to myself?

Giving it disappointment and crying like a child.

I am just stupid.

Can’t forget the death of a relative, the anger of my roommate, the apathy of club member, the failure of multiple contests to realize where I am. Out there, there are still many who are way better than me.

Life is fair for those who try. And I still have faith.

You can do it, girl.

Don’t take on more than you can handle.

Friends around just want to ask about homework while I am so tired of Facebook.

If only I could turn it off, could disappear and fall into Mom’s arms.

Love is scary, but lacking in true friendship is even worse.

In the end, it is because of me

Being naive


Well, I love you, Mien. Smart, Arrogant, Always trying to be kind, Always having high expectations.

I love you so much and sorry for that. I hurt myself so many times just to realize it has been a habit.

Sorry, that I love you.

Still believe the story about Grandma is a good one, my gift for you.

Happy birthday to a cousin who does not care about me.

Happy next birthday to my dear friend, Dieu. Hopefully we can always be together, be there when I need you the most, thank you and wish you the best!

Sleep for another tiring day!

WEll, I am still trying to LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE!


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