To Lucy

I have just had a very MEMORABLE and MIND-BLOWING evening with Ms Lucy (hopefully I spell your name right) and I was AWED by what she has just done, her personality on life.

Can’t say thank enough for helping me prepare for tomorrow’s presentation, though we are not so close though.

I have been watching, but never observing. How to lead a club, how to manage people.

Never stop questioning. I claimed myself to be curious, but then what? I just stopped there, I did not learn so much. It was horrible actually.

I was not tough as I pretended to be.

Talking with you, who earns money well and knows how to enjoy yourself, make me feel small, but I was happy with being stupid. Because I don’t learn from an arrogant person’s point of view.

This is so INVALUABLE to FSLC at this moment, the core values, the principles. I have been reading so much but doing and applying so little.

Me was just a cover, so artificial (sorry for saying you are, Thu. You are not) I always drag the topic for no reason.

I was not consistent in my goal, my purpose, wasting time while thinking I was making every moment meaningful.

So in the end, what am I doing with my life? I am really questioning myself.

Do your best for tomorrow first, be confident, have eye contact, intonation, pauses, breathe properly, use body language.

You can make it, girl

Maybe I need to write to know myself better, everyday.

Lucy, you are just INCREDIBLE. I love you the way you are, not because you have just done me a favour or gave me PRECIOUS feedback about the operation of my club.

I will do, as you say

Be an enthusiastic listener.

Be a responsible leader.

Learn for the club, not only for personal development.

I will take risks more.

I will work smarter, not harder.

I will, and I will do it.

Thank you, close here.

Happy weekends to my endearing roommate, Thu. I don’t know how to make you love me again anymore, time will heal maybe while my head is full of the worst-case scenarios.

I know you well, so I will let it be!

Chaizoo! jianqiang de nuhai!


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