25 People Share The One Thing They Wish The INFJs In Their Lives Understood

1. “It’s okay to want to feel safe and secure with everyone in your life. But know that it’s also okay to be unsure. People close to you are going to hurt you–not on purpose, they just have trouble seeing things from your perspective. Don’t give up on people who won’t give up on you.” –ENTP

2. “I’m out here! I’m one of you! We both do the same thing! We can trust each other and connect, and it will really be okay.” –INFJ

3. “Stop planning for once and follow your heart!” –ESFP

4. “Oh my gosh you are my favorite people thanks for being so nice and not ever letting me get pushed around.” –INFP

5. “Thanks for being understanding but if I’m close to you, I would love you to take my side sometimes instead of always remaining a neutral party.” –INTP

6. “You are amazing. Seriously. And a total conundrum at the same time. You can be incredibly caring, and incredibly cynical at the same time. Just don’t let your ability to read what’s wrong with the world blind you to all the good things.” –ENTP

7. “To most of you: are you SURE you didn’t mistype yourself? To the one who actually is an INFJ: I will gladly sit at your feet and learn from you all the day long. Let’s muse internally about the nature of time and truth together.” –INFP

8. “You’re not helping by enabling your unhealthy loved ones… its just the same patterns repeating themselves.” –ENFP

9. “If we sit in a room together and don’t say anything, it’s really okay. Don’t take it personally. I spend a lot more time on particle physics and structural integrity than you probably want to.” –INTJ

10. “You may know things by strong intuitions and feelings, but I know things by observing too. You are so careful and idealist but I can predict your next step because it’s so obvious in my observation.” –ISTP

11. “You don’t have to ‘process’ for six months before making the next move.” –ENFJ

12. “Please no more posts about how to be kind to an introvert. We get it.” –ENFP

13. “You’re my soul siblings. Out of all the MBTIs, I feel a natural affinity with you the most! Thanks for being here when I need to moan and for sharing in my melancholic worldview.” –ISFJ

14. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Stop being shy and find me. We will change each other’s worlds.” –ENTP

15. “You guys are cold bitches or divine loving goddesses and I wish you could figure out how to be something in between for the daily interactions. Also, so many more of you think you are INFJs and you’re just not, sorry… usually you’re really spent ENFJs.” –INFJ

16. “You are the most valuable, soulful people on this planet. Your insight is the stuff of the gods. But don’t forget to love yourself – not just in a metaphysical sense. Love yourself as tangibly as you possibly can. If you want something, go for it. Buy yourself that thing. Flirt with that hot person. Your needs are just as important as everybody else’s. Also. Don’t let your extrovert-mask drain you. Say no when you need to. Stand up for your needs, your time, your very own self. You is kind, you is smart, you is important.” –ISTP

17. “I love you guys, thanks for getting out of your shell with me. Be more outwardly confident and you will go far.”

18. “Sometimes I get irritated by your Jness and got-it-togetherness, but I really appreciate how deeply you get me and your stability as a friend.” –INFP

19. “Please don’t carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, you can’t change people and I’ve only ever seen it cause you heartbreak.” –ENFP

20. “I’m here for you in any form. But I also need you to be here for me. I need to be able to rely on you. Because it’s not fair that you have decided you just get to retreat from all conflict.” –ISTJ

21. “Most people in your life will not understand you, the way you feel so strongly about certain things and the ideas you come up with. This is okay. Love them anyway, even if they can’t understand you. And never stop talking about your beliefs.” –ENFP

22. “You get us on a weird spiritual level. You keep me grounded, you listen, and your wisdom never ceases to be well beyond your years. You need to stop overthinking every detail. Believe it or not you have things much more figured out than most of us.” –ENFP

23. “I feel like you make life too hard for yourself sometimes. Pick your battles, save some energy.” –INTJ

24. “You have good instincts but it’s dangerous to walk around in life with this attitude that you’re always right. Be open, question your instincts, and listen to your opponents in life, for they can teach you the most.” –ENTP

25. “You’re beautiful souls but I want to see more action behind your words.” –ENFP TC mark

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