I could do better!

The feeling of regret always obsess me whenever I get out of the exam room. Now, long time no see, my enemy.

Still, I can’t help. I have just fixed the code and thought, if I had been calmer, I would have got a 10. I am fully capable of getting it all correct. I just messed up, or my cousin’s words, fucked up – not swearing anyway, as far as I am concerned.

So now I know I need a whole lot more practice to master a programming language. I am an ambitious girl, and just realized my roommates are eager for some start-up ideas, too. Fun, girl should LEAN IN.

Got the first book review finished for a contest. I was engrossed in writing it, so no regrets whatsoever ^^.

Wait for the results. I will pass, alright? Practice more, girl. Hard work pays off, as always. I don’t want to depend on others, thanks my BFF for having supported me. I will walk alone from now on. Will be equal to my male arrogant classmates. You can, so can I! You gave me inspiration anyway.


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