• Character – who you are
  • Relationship – who you know
  • Knowledge – what you know
  • Intuition – what you feel
  • Experience – where you’ve been
  • Past success – what you’ve done
  • Ability – what you can do

5 phases of leadership growth

  • You don’t know you can even become a leader
  • You realize you need to learn to lead
  • You discover the gaps in your knowledge, you understand what you need to learn
  • You know and grow, exciting things start to happen
  • The ability of leadership becomes automatic, you develop great instincts that help you to lead effectively.

Good navigators

  • Draw on past experiences: Failure reveals wrong assumptions, character flaws, errors in judgement, and poor working methods.
  • Listen to many sources
  • Their conclusion represents both faith and fact – balance realism and optimism

Leaders add value to others

  • Value others, believe in them, serve before being served
  • Add value to others: skills, wisdom, opportunities and insight
  • Know and relate to what others value – learning -> learn -> lead
  • Do nice things – treat others with respect -> reach out to them -> serve them

Trust is foundation

  • Character: make sound decisions, admit mistakes, do what’s best for others before thinking of themselves
  • Competence
  • Connection

How to gain respect

  • Possess innate leadership skills or else work hard to develop it
  • All leadership is voluntary
  • Have courage – give hope
  • Drawn to success and respect others’ success
  • Dedicated to adding values to others
  • Loyal


  • Sense people’ attitudes
  • Detect group’s chemistry
  • Look years, decades ahead instead of focusing on current work
  • Readers of people

Who you are is what you attract

  • Have a mental list of whom you want to work with
  • Have same qualities as people you are seeking
  • Similar backgrounds, ages, attitudes, values, energy levels, leadership qualities

Touch a heart before asking for a hand

  • Know who you are and have confidence in yourself first
  • Communicate with sincerity and openness
  • Say what they CARE about, not what you care about
  • Practice what you preach
  • Adapt to others – be attuned to others’ culture, background and education
  • Focus on them, not you
  • Believe in them
  • Offer direction and hope

A leader’s potential is influenced by those closest to him

  • Do they have a high influence on others?
  • Do they bring a complementary gift to the table?
  • Hold a strategic position in the organization?
  • Add value to me or the organization?
  • Have a positive impact on members?

Give power to others


  • Desire for job security
  • Resistance to change
  • A lack of self-worth: they don’t think they have it themselves

Questions to ask:

  • Are you confident?
  • Do you believe you have value?
  • You bring positive impact on others?
  • Are you willing to take risks?

Model your vision of a better future

  • Followers watch you, see what you do not watch you say
  • Changing yourself before trying to improve others.
  • Clarify your core values

People buy into the leader, then the vision – take people where they need to go

  • Why you lead
  • What are you trying to accomplish

Earn credibility

  • Have good communication/ inclusion
  • Be honest and authentic all the time
  • Give them tools
  • Develop them as leaders
  • Help them achieve their personal goals
  • Set yourself high standards and set good example

Find a way for the team to WIN

  • Leadership is responsible
  • Losing is unacceptable
  • Creativity is essential
  • Quitting is unthinkable
  • Commitment is unquestionable
  • Victory is inevitable

Three components of victory

  • Unity of vision
  • Diversity of skills
  • A leader dedicated to victory and helping other reach their full potential


  • Inside the leader: his vision, enthusiasm, passion
  • Start of change
  • Require leader’s responsibility
  • Help followers perform beyond their actual abilities
  • Make leaders look better than they are

Activity is not necessarily accomplishment

  • Delegate if you can, focus 80% time on your biggest strength
  • What must I do that no one can replace
  • Reward: makes time for things in life that you love – keep yourself passionate

A leader must give up to go up

  • No success without sacrifice
  • Put others ahead of themselves: the more you accept responsibility, the fewer options you have.
  • Sacrifice is an ongoing process – it is not a one-time payment
  • The higher level of leadership, the more it is going to cost you


  • Wrong action, wrong time -> disaster
  • Right action, wrong time -> resistance
  • Wrong action, right time -> mistake
  • Right action, right time -> success

Explosive growth

  • Develop yourself – personal success
  • Develop a team – organization experience growth
  • Develop leaders – organization can achieve explosive growth

–> become a better leader to attract others become leaders


  • How will people summarize your life in a sentence? WRITE IT NOW
  • Become what you want to see in others and what others want to see in you
  • Choose one person who will carry on your legacy
  • Invest in leaders who carry your legacy and give them power to do it

Five points to build organization:

  • Personnel determines the potential of organization
  • Relationship determines the MORALE
  • Structure determines the SIZE
  • Vision determines the DIRECTION
  • Leadership determines the SUCCESS

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