Gratitude – Quick note

After all, I need to write a special thank-you note to my best friend. Without you, I would have been lost when I make the very first step into the field of software engineering at FPT university but for you. You are the guider, leading my way through the very beginning. And why do you treat me that well, be tolerant of my mood swings and me being mean and rude to you. I am such a bad friend, right?


Anyway, I am afraid of your feelings for you. You make a lot of jokes but I know for sure (my sense is good, just as you) you take emotions seriously. Treat me as a normal friend, okay for I am afraid I may not make up for you enough.

My best friend, you are my debugger, seriously. Debug my fizzy and slow-on-the-uptake head. You free me of many fears and misconceptions even though I detest the fact that you are talkative. Sometimes I am really tired but your sending me a funny video sends them all away. And you help me release stress of solving problems with advice and hand-in encouragement.

I can’t say thank enough, my best friend. Luckily, I find you here at FPT university. I can be better to you, but afraid of crossing the line. I don’t love you as a girl, but I treasure you as my best friend, or as you like to put it, best pet ever!


Thank you, I am writing this down to never forget you, hopefully you soon find your significant other and I will celebrate it with you!


I will practice coding to pay you back, my emotion debt to you in the future. Wait for my growth! I will do my best, not to let you down, ever again!


To my beloved teacher, I am so sorry. I let you down again. Having applied for many scholarships and I have never even got shortlisted for once. I am tired now but you are never tired of helping me. Giving me advice, recommendations and sharing with me about your intentions. Thank you, my dear. Love you so much. I wish you the best.

And most of all, I promise you I will never give up trying and seizing opportunities. Getting outside Vietnam and getting back with more knowledge and understanding to help me, help you and help our country.


You see, gratitude is the best medicine to your stress and feeling of isolation. Out there someone stills care for us, isn’t that rewarding?



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