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20 Điều Chúng Ta Nên Nói Với Bản Thân Thường Xuyên Hơn

This is the excerpt for your very first post. Continue reading 20 Điều Chúng Ta Nên Nói Với Bản Thân Thường Xuyên Hơn


Allergy to boys and affections

These days pass at snail’s pace to me. I live in my landlord’s home with only her husband. I got overwhelmed by his kindness to me. And deep down I hate that. I ran away Not because I like that guy or something Just because I hate him And I am afraid he likes me And most importantly, I like my so-called sister so much. Maybe I am just overthinking. I consulted two best friends of mine (Yeah, I do have best friends) One told me to lie One told me to tell the truth I did agree with the … Continue reading Allergy to boys and affections

Bài thơ về bố

Trong giấc đêm qua Con được gặp bố Người hiền từ quá Hỏi con ăn gì Bố mua về nấu? Con mải rong chơi Vùng vằng giận dỗi Ăn gì cũng được Con đáp qua loa Tình yêu của bố Đặt vào mâm cơm Mà con thơ dại Chẳng kịp báo đền Con chưa kịp hỏi Bí kíp nấu ăn Mà người năm giữ Phải chăng ở đó Một trời yêu thương Con chưa kịp hỏi Người có đau không Khi người mệt mỏi Có cần gì không Con chưa kịp mang cho người cốc nước Con chưa kịp đỡ … Continue reading Bài thơ về bố

Some lessons I learned while debugging Java Web App (to be updated)

– you can set and get attribute using response.sendRediect(), but instead you gotta use request.getRequestDispatcher(“”).forward() method – don’t forget to include jdbc jar file should you use Database -seeing the 500 or 404 error is way better than not seeing any error and your code just does not work as you expected. Darn it! -I love developing software because of the very difficulty of it. Haha arrogant me! -Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug … Continue reading Some lessons I learned while debugging Java Web App (to be updated)


  wThese two days are really strange to me So yesterday two girls approached me to talk about philosophy and something related to God. I didn’t really buy that but was really curious at their enthusiasm to come over. I meant to try but my new so-called “family members” stopped me. So I have been moving here for more than 1 week and things can’t be better I think. I can’t say thank enough to them and would really do my best do be worthy of that treatment. Another random thing today is that I found out about this Youtube … Continue reading Accidentally

Wanna cry. Should I give up?

So I am about to cry again Long time no see huh Can’t find consolation anywhere Gotta give up on my best friend for a position I gave her She just did not meet up my expectations Or maybe am I just such a perfectionist? I am really stressed I am really confused I wanna give up Do something more valuable Instead of wasting others’ time But why? I remember the quote When you’re about to give up Think about why you started I started with no further thought for myself But at the end of the day A club … Continue reading Wanna cry. Should I give up?


有很多很多观察, 很多寂寞的时候,也有很多事情要做玩呢。 但是集中点是我们没有钱。 我要出去, 也是部分因为我父母没得钱呢。我叔叔的加也很穷。 钱是大部分父兄话题。哎呀。 到底我也懂他们的关心。钱不一定让你幸福,可是如果你没有钱,你也快乐不了。 今天的市场牛和鱼贵不贵。菜鲜吗?好老哦。 所以,我更对自己说:你要不过努力学习,让你父母骄傲,不要让他们失望,是最好的事情。我想想办法赚钱。赚钱的工作很多,但是影响我的学习那么大。好累哦。怎么办呢 所以我决定集中学习, 学习好一定找到好工作,赚更多钱,不让我亲人辛苦呢。 在我大学有很多问题要我的办法,一定化多少时间,但是我愿意,因为我,也因为他们。 我准备出本一个本书,支持我呢。加油! Continue reading 回家这次


Why do I end up here, again? I thought it would never end up like this. But it does. My first year at college was all fun and happiness. But now I don’t feel connected with my friends, again. My so-called best friends turn out to be not understanding me at all, as always. So sure, we are not best friends. I feel like no matter how hard I try, the good things I do just never get acknowledged as much as the so-called selfish thing that I am moving out. I just miss my sister, Ms Y. Another INFJ. … Continue reading 我的一辈子。好累哦